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Sudden Densities

First exhibited at Stallan-Brand Gallery, Glasgow, UK, in September 2021 ​‘Sudden Densities’ navigates between figuration and abstraction, painting and photography and draws away from the explicit figurative image. The overexposed and out of focus photographs are a series of playful experiments that aim to blur the line between painting and photography through the use of slow exposure and movement. The representation of the female body in movement remains a constant thread throughout all works, however, unlike the photographs which express this theme more explicitly, the satin works reveal a more elusive and metaphysical presence. The satin fabric plays a key role in maintaining a sense of fragility and delicateness allowing for gradual metamorphosis of the composition due to the reflectiveness and sheen of the material that partially erases the image when seen from certain angles in light. Various types of satin usually used for underlining of dresses were chosen for their smoothness, lustrousness and unique porous properties allowing the ink and water to flow and create often unpredictable staining patterns determined by the force, speed and sudden densities of pouring of the liquids. Both types of work - photography and painting - illustrate the fine balance between control and chance as the low shutter speed and diluted ink staining patterns present a certain amount of unpredictability that remains untamed.

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